We service clients, not customers.

A customer is someone to sell to, a client is someone to advocate for. A customer is told what to buy, a client is educated to make the right buying decision.

A seller wants to make the sale…an advocate wants to win the trust of the client. The seller wants to make another sale to the customer in a year or so…the advocate wants to find the ultimate solution and preserve it for many years.

The seller needs to differentiate their product with superficial aspects when in reality, there IS no difference…

the advocate differentiates their methods to produce a REAL difference.

The seller (industrialist) needs their customers to eventually be dissatisfied with the product so they can sell a new one…the advocate (artist) can find plenty of new clients to advocate for.

There are many sellers in the marketplace…there are precious few advocates…we only service clients.

"I've been riding a set of Arch Ex rims with Chris King hubs for about 15 months now. Dave and I probably spoke 3 or 4 times before we decided on this setup. Dave was always patient and took the time to answer all my questions.
Originally we were going with Hadley Hubs but had to rethink things as Hadley seemed to be having some production problems. Dave did not push the more expensive CK hub and gave me options with different price points.
I ride in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada where it is very rocky, rooty and often wet. I'm also not the most experienced rider in the world so I'm sure my (ride) line choices have often been less than optimal and more punishing than a more experienced rider might choose. Through it all the wheels have held up wonderfully, no issues whatsoever.
In fact, when I recently took the wheels in for truing, after a brief assessment the tech handed the wheels right back to me and said the wheels are spectacular and it would be a waste of money to try and do any better." ~ crankarms on mtbr.com